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New Technologies for Better Solutions

Trek Healthcare Inc. is a distributor and sales agency of innovative medical products and solutions.
We commercialize advanced technologies designed to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.  

The products and solutions we represent focus on enhanced departmental performance
and improved financial outcomes for our healthcare customers.

Ultrasound Breakthrough Manometry Respitory Motion Control

Acuson... Image is everything.

Compact, portable, ergonomical.
Exceptional performace powered
by advanced imaging technologies.

We provide comprehensive solutions
for a wide array of clinical environments.  

Wireless and portable motility

mCompass is the first  ever anorectal manometry
navigation device of its kind.  
- Accurate diagnostic reporting
- Easy to use Tablet PC
- Advanced disposable catheters
- Affordable in any physician setting.

Breath Hold

Developed at Mayo Clinic, the Breath Hold enables patients to accurately
self-monitor their own
breathing based on
biofeedback provided by
an easy-to-read display.